VIOLENCE AT THE BORDER: “Guns, Molotov cocktails.” Is this a hint of what’s coming next?

A violent clash at the southern border on Sunday has left one migrant dead and several police officers injured.

No, not the U.S.-Mexico border. The incident happened at the frontier between Guatemala and Mexico near the city of Tecun Uman. That’s where a second migrant caravan, smaller in number than the massive 10,000-strong crowd already in central Mexico, fought with police and security in the border zone.

“Local first responders said that security forces used rubber bullets against the migrants, and that one person, Honduran Henry Adalid, 26, was killed,” reported Reuters. “Six police officers were injured.”

As the first, larger caravan continues its trek north through Mexico, the media has largely portrayed the mass as innocent refugees trying to escape violence. But Sunday’s incident suggests that they may be bringing violence with them, as well.

Shockingly, some of the migrants who battled police at Mexico’s southern border were reportedly armed with Molotov cocktails and even guns. That information came to Reuters from Alfonso Navarrete, the Interior Minister of Mexico.

Other migrants used makeshift weapons including rocks and glass bottles to assault the police.

This raises a question that must be asked: What exactly are supposedly “peaceful” migrants just looking for a better life doing with guns and flaming bombs?

It’s one thing for people to squabble with border guards out of frustration; it’s something else entirely for them to march through checkpoints armed with guns, apparently prepared in advance to do battle.

Investigative reporting has already shown that the origins of this caravan are not as innocent as has been claimed, and anti-U.S. Marxist figures have been documented to be linked to the mass migration.

Here’s another uncomfortable but important question: Is it possible that certain factions, such as the organizers who have signaled their anti-American rhetoric already, are quietly pushing for clashes like these to happen?

Or, have otherwise tranquil groups been infiltrated by criminals who see the barrel of a gun as their passport, bullets as their entry visas?

With this latest violence and reports of armed men within the caravan, it’s worth wondering if this is a preview of what could happen when either of these groups finally reaches the U.S. border.

The majority of the migrants may be peaceful, but there is no doubt that a percentage of troublemakers inside the groups are bent on a much more forceful approach.

If they continue to use violence to push through to the United States, there could be tragic bloodshed. It’s unfortunate that it has come to this, but American citizens and decision makers should take a hard look at what’s happening. The next moves by either side could turn deadly.