Migrant Caravan Map: Tracking where the immigrants are right now [LIVE UPDATES]

October 25,2018: Caravan migrants began leaving Mapastepec, Chiapas and continuing north despite hardships.

“The group … departed Mapastepec at dawn with more than 1,000 miles still to go before they reach the U.S. border,” reported the AP.

October 24, 2018: The main caravan was in Mapastepec, Chiapas, Mexico.

“Thousands of men, women and children, mostly from Honduras, shuffled throughout the afternoon into the town of Mapastepec in Chiapas state, still more than 1,100 miles (1,770 km) from the U.S. border,” confirmed Reuters.

October 23, 2018: The migrants were between Huixtla and Acacoyagua, Chiapas, Mexico,