Media ignores bomb threat against GOP HQ, Runs Dem. bomb scare instead

Call it a tale of two bomb scares: Both happened at nearly the same time on Wednesday. Both triggered a police response and fearful evacuations … but only one was covered by the national media.

The difference? National news outlets covered an incident at a Democratic Party headquarters while completely ignoring a similar incident at a major Republican HQ building.

Early in the afternoon on Wednesday, the national news outlet Circa went live on Facebook and pushed a “breaking” story on its website about a “suspicious package” in California.

“California Democratic Party has confirmed on social media that they received a suspicious package in the mail on Wednesday,” explained Circa reporter Jessie Karangu.

“The party, whose headquarters are located in Sacramento, says they immediately reported it to police ‘out of an abundance of caution,'” the outlet continued. Circa immediately tried to connect the alleged package — details of which are still vague — to non-functioning pipe bombs that recently made national news.

At around the same time on Wednesday, another incident was unfolding in Michigan … but the second event was completely ignored by the same outlets who had reported about the DNC scare.

In Traverse City, Michigan, an agitated man reportedly waving a “Trump is Satan” sign stormed into the Michigan Republican Party headquarters building and threatened everybody inside.

“As he was leaving, the man reportedly said ‘maybe I should just blow you up,'” explained the local TV station MINews 26.

He may have also threatened “I should bomb this place,” according to authorities.

Police quickly responded to the scene and the building was evacuated. Authorities began searching for possible explosive devices and tried to locate the anti-Trump protester behind the bomb threat, who had escaped.

While a handful of local news stations in Michigan did cover the story, it was ignored by the national media, including Circa.

Why were two bomb scares at political party headquarters, each bringing police and prompting evacuations, treated completely differently by the media?

Maybe it’s worth extending the benefit of the doubt that one just “slipped through the cracks,” but you can decide for yourself if you think political bias is at play.