Flashback: Left-wing radicals set off 2,000+ bombs under a Republican president. Nobody seems to remember.

After a week of fear and speculation, a suspect behind recent politically-motivated bomb scares has finally been caught. While details are still forthcoming, it looks like he — 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc of Florida — is a mentally unstable radical who took politics disturbingly seriously.

In the coming days, one thing is almost certain: Sayoc’s apparent far-right obsession will be held up by the media as evidence of how twisted the party of President Trump has become. They’ll point to the offender as representative of all conservatives, and squawk about this week as some sort of unprecedented low point in American politics.

The reality, however, is that these bomb scares — they weren’t even “bombings” since none functioned — are not unprecedented at all.

In all the media fervor, an era of significantly more fear and destruction seems to have been forgotten, perhaps even deliberately. It wasn’t that long ago that these types of incidents were commonplace … and they were a standard tactic of the radical left.

During the early 1970’s, literally thousands of bombings took place in the United States.

They were a political tool of radical liberals meant to impact the country and intimidate a Republican president, one Richard Milhous Nixon.

“By 1971 protest bombings had spread across the country. In a single eighteen-month period during 1971 and 1972 the FBI counted an amazing 2,500 bombings on American soil, almost five a day,” explained Bryan Burrough in Time Magazine.

Burrough has documented those bombings in his well-reviewed book “Days of Rage,” which is a must-read for anybody interested in that era.

Unlike the ineffective devices of the past week, the bombings of the 1970’s actually caused physical harm. A 1975 bombing in New York, for instance, killed four people.

Again, it was the radical left which was behind nearly all of the bombings.

“Nearly a dozen radical underground groups, dimly remembered outfits such as the Weather Underground, the New World Liberation Front and the Symbionese Liberation Army, set off hundreds of bombs during that tumultuous decade,” Time continued.

“The underground groups of the 1970s were a kind of grungy, bell-bottomed coda to the protests of the 1960s; their members were mostly onetime student leftists who refused to give up the utopian dreams of 1968.”

“The first actual bombing campaign, the work of a group of New York City radicals led by a militant named Sam Melville, featured attacks on a dozen buildings around Manhattan between August and November 1969,” the magazine recalled.

Instead of being shunned by liberals and cast out of society, many of the radical bombers of the ’70s went on to be held up as political role models.

Take Bill Ayers, the leftist who once led the domestic terrorist group known as Weather Underground. This communist revolutionary group, under Ayers’ direction, bombed police stations, the U.S. Capitol, and the Pentagon to influence the Republican president and protest his policies.

Re-read that again. Ayers and his terrorist group literally bombed the Capitol of the United States. The left’s response? Well, they gave him a Distinguished Professor position at the University of Illinois and made him a liberal cultural hero.

Barack Obama himself was — and apparently still is — a friend or at least acquaintance of this 1970’s terrorist bomber. Ayers helped run campaign events for then-candidate Obama in Illinois, which the future president eagerly attended.

As recently as 2014, numerous outlets have reported that Obama and Ayers are still friendly and partied together at the wedding of a mutual friend. How cute.

Now, all of this is not to say that the perpetrator of the recent bomb scares shouldn’t be disowned; of course he should be. Nor is it to say that his actions are somehow justified because of past incidents; they absolutely are not. If found guilty, he belongs in prison.

However, it’s bizarre to act as if this past week is uniquely appalling in terms of radical politics while forgetting just how common far-left bombings were only a few decades ago.

The media and pundits on the left will point to the current president’s rhetoric as the motivation for the past week’s events … yet it was radical liberals who established this modus operandi, and set the disturbing example thousands of times over.

There’s a double standard at play both in the public consciousness and the media. Sweeping 2,500 liberal bombings under the rug is not just historically ignorant, it’s deeply dishonest. Radicalism is not isolated to one side of the political spectrum … and it needs to be exposed in all its forms.