Candace Owens launches BLEXIT, a black conservative platform. Is this the future?

On Saturday evening, conservative firebrand and rising African American voice Candace Owens announced the launch of her latest project: BLEXIT.

Owens, of course, has risen to national prominence as a passionate voice for conservatism in the black community. She’s appeared on numerous political shows defending her views, especially one that drives the left insane: Her support for Donald Trump.

She’s made some unexpected allies. Rap icon Kanye West is one of her fans and collaborators, while the president himself has also voiced his support.

But what is BLEXIT? As the name implies, it’s about blacks “exiting” what many including Owens call the “Democrat plantation” and shifting in a fresh new direction.

“Black people need to exit the Democratic Party,” Owens told Breitbart’s Jerome Hudson earlier this month. She had a concept and a growing base of followers on YouTube and Twitter, but needed a larger platform — and Kanye West give her just that.

Back in April, the controversial but influential musician endorsed Owens out of the blue. “I love the way Candace Owens thinks,” he posted on Twitter. Social media exploded.

“It was a blessing in disguise because there were so many people paying attention to me and my message,” Owens said about that overnight exposure. “We also needed to know how serious Kanye was about really fixing this issues in our communities.”

BLEXIT is posed to be a key part of her vision: To let black Americans who are tired of liberal promises know that they’re not alone, and that it’s okay to think differently than they’re expected to by the media and leftists.

“We needed an online platform that could show and prove to black people that they don’t have to be Democrats and that they are not alone,” Owens explained.

BLEXIT is a renaissance,” the edgy new site declares. “It is our formal declaration of independence.” Its pages are filled with inspiring videos of young black Americans who have decided that they’re leaving the Democrat party — and its way of thinking — along with “Inconvenient Truths” that reveal some facts about black issues.

Among them: The racist and eugenics background of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, the facts about the Democrat Party’s links to the KKK and segregation, and sobering violence statistics from black areas like inner city Chicago.

If this week is any indication, the message is poised to spread like wildfire. Video of a black conservative conference at the White House showed a crowd of young people cheering and joking with both President Trump and Donald Trump Jr. — with Candace Owens right in the middle.

It’s a trend that liberals have long denied and laughed off: Democrats may not be able to count on the black vote forever, and the racist accusations thrown at the president by his opponents just aren’t sticking.

Like it or not, a major political shift is underway, and it’s undeniably exciting to watch it happen.